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Modern Times 於2013年創立,七年來一直致力搜尋世界各地上質手工品牌,並將他們帶來香港跟客人分享。來自歐洲、美國、日本等地,至今由Modern Times引進的手工品牌已超過二十個,感激客人與工匠們一直支持。

其中,來自日本大阪的手工帽子品牌Morno一直是我們的重要夥伴,設計師堤隆弘 (Takahiro Tsutsumi) 老師曾於2016年來香港,於Modern Times開設帽子工作坊,這亦是Morno首度舉辦工作坊,Modern Times實在榮幸能得到Morno信任,主辦這個活動。

來到2020年,亦是Modern Times成立七周年,我們與Morno合辦 2021春夏季度新品受注會。Morno從未曝光的季度新作將於Modern Times上環店率先展出並接受預訂,歡迎客人可來慢慢試戴挑選。同時,新品受注會亦會在Modern Times網店上舉行,讓海外客人及未能抽空到訪的客人都能夠細賞Morno新作。

Founded in 2013, Modern Times has been searching for quality handmade brands from around the world and bringing them to Hong Kong to share with our customers. From Europe, the United States, Japan and other places, more than 20 handmade brands have been introduced by Modern Times, and we are grateful to the guests and craftsmen for their support.

Among them, Morno, a handmade hat brand from Osaka, Japan, has always been our important partner. In 2016, designer Mr. Takahiro Tsutsumi came to Hong Kong to hold a hat-making workshop for Modern Times — this Morno’s first-ever workshop was a great success!

As one of the special events of the seventh anniversary of Modern Times, we and Morno will co-host 2021 SS collection preview. Morno's undisclosed new work will be exhibited at Modern Times Sheung Wan store as well online for customers to pre-order. Don’t miss the chance!

【DATE 日期】 7-16 Nov 2020


3/F, Yue's House, 306 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 香港上環德輔道中306號余氏大廈3/F,電梯按3字

【ENQUIRIES 查詢】 +852 5401 3806

【ARRIVAL DATE 預訂品到貨日期】 Mar / Apr 2021

*預訂可享九折,Modern Times VIP可再享額外九折 10% off for pre-order. Extra 10% off for Modern Times VIP

MORNO・HANDMADE IN JAPAN __________________

【ABOUT MORNO】 Morno在葡萄牙語中是「溫度」的意思。來自日本大阪的帽子工房Morno,由工匠們於日本大阪工房中一頂一頂慢慢製作。每個季度的款式全是由歷史上的經典帽子款為基礎,再糅合Morno獨有的創意及日本傳統文化製作而成。例如在經典棒球帽子本體上加入拉鍊暗袋設計,又或者將傳統絨毛材質的棒球帽改良成更適合亞洲氣候的麻布質料,極具心思,是值得大家注目的帽子工房。

Morno設計師堤隆弘 (Takahiro Tsutsumi) 老師是我們極欣賞的工匠。擔任時裝買手的資歷,讓他擁有與一般帽子設計師截然不同的美學觀,他追求的理想帽子,就是可以讓所有人都可輕鬆佩戴,不受性別及年齡限制。

Morno means "warmth" in Portuguese. A hat-maker brand from Osaka, Japan, Morno produces hats made from the finest craftsman in the country. The brand does not usually release new styles of hats each season, but instead presents variations on their most classic designs. All Morno hats are adorned with unique details that make them easily recognizable, such as zippered pocket design, or switching up the fabric of the classic baseball cap to linen, making it more suitable for Asian climates. All interesting details make Morno a brand worth paying attention to.

Takahiro Tsutsumi, designer of Morno, is the craftsman we admire. Once a fashion buyer, Mr. Tsutsumi is different from other milliners or hatters — the ideal hat he pursues is that everyone can wear it easily, regardless of gender and age. MORNO・HANDMADE IN JAPAN



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