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Handmade Stationary From Tokyo

來自東京的手造文房具Mucu (意即「無垢」),一直主張保留素材的原色原樣直接使用。以「The Power of Materials」作為品牌的中心點,強調素材的選取與搭配,優質的產品引來極大話題,《Casa Brutus》等著名雜誌亦大力推薦。全系列手造文具及筆記簿已在Modern Times上架了,這亦是Mucu首次被引入香港。現已停產。


Tokyo handmade stationary brand Mucu (which means “Purity” in Japanese) has been a big proponent for presenting materials in their most natural state. Living by the saying "The Power of Materials", the brand emphasizes the cross combination of different materials, and their high quality products have commanded a lot of attention and glowing recommendations from notable magazines such as Casa Brutus. The full series range of their handmade stationary and notebooks are now on sale at Modern Times, the first location in Hong Kong to sell their products. Discontinued brand.

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