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Hat-Maker From Osaka Japan


Morno設計師堤隆弘 (Takahiro Tsutsumi) 老師是我們極欣賞的工匠。擔任時裝買手的資歷,讓他擁有與一般帽子設計師截然不同的美學觀,他追求的理想帽子,就是可以讓所有人都可輕鬆佩戴,不受性別及年齡限制。


Morno means "warmth" in Portuguese. A hat-maker brand from Osaka, Japan, Morno produces hats made from the finest craftsman in the country. The brand does not usually release new styles of hats each season, but instead presents variations on their most classic designs. All Morno hats are adorned with unique details that make them easily recognizable, such as zippered pocket design, or switching up the fabric of the classic baseball cap to linen, making it more suitable for Asian climates. All interesting details make Morno a brand worth paying attention to.

Takahiro Tsutsumi, designer of Morno, is the craftsman we admire. Once a fashion buyer, Mr. Tsutsumi is different from other milliners or hatters — the ideal hat he pursues is that everyone can wear it easily, regardless of gender and age.

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