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Functional Outdoor Gear From Japan

    2016年7月,Ficouture正式進化正名為F/CE.®。日本戶外生活品牌F/CE.® 於2009年成立,主要概念是希望製作讓使用者在旅途上、工作或日常生活中能享用更大方便的產品。定期以一個地方為設計主題,品牌主要分為Travel、Outdoor及Room,完整覆蓋人們的生活層面。憑著精細設計及優質用料,F/CE.® 很多出品已獲得極高評價。2021年8月,F/CE.® Flagship Store Tokyo改裝完成重新登場,讓大家可以更加了解F/CE.®「Functionality (機能)・Culture (文化)・Exploration (探索)」的世界觀。


    Starting from July 2016, F/CE.®, previously created products under Ficouture, renewed their name for a new chapter. Japanese outdoor brand F/CE.® was established in 2009 with the intent to create items suitable for travel, work, and daily life. Selecting different locales as design inspiration from time to time, the brand is divided into three main areas: travel, outdoors, and room, covering all aspects of life. With their emphasis on detailed designs and high quality materials, F/CE.®’s many products have received high accolades. In August 2021, the F/CE.® Flagship Store Tokyo has been re-launched, allowing everyone to better understand the worldview of F/CE.® — "Functionality・Culture・Exploration".

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