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Ground-Breaking Metal Items From Tokyo

Claustrum是東京銀座Steel Inc.旗下的品牌,專注研究開發既簡單又具開創性的功能性產品。Steel Inc.現址在戰後是一家玻璃工房,現在由第三代遠藤健史先生創立了Steel Inc.,所有產品均在這家位於銀座的工房製作。Claustrum所有產品都帶有獨特嶄新的功能,只此一家,例如單手就能輕鬆操作的各樣商品如Card Case等。研發每件產品時,遠藤先生都在銀座工房進行長時間反覆實驗,直至構思到最簡單而可行的生產方式。故此,Claustrum的力學原理、構造方式及材質面料加工等都是獨一無二的。


零件方面,Claustrum與東京市外沿的工廠合作生產,每一所的職人都是金屬專家,得到他們的助力,協助Claustrum特製各種精密的零件,再在銀座工房由Claustrum團隊以人手進行組裝生產。每件產品在出廠前,遠藤先生都會進行精細的微調與檢測,確保客人都可舒適使用各樣產品的所有功能。Modern Times是由日本Claustrum正式授權的專營店,各位顧客請放心選購Claustrum全系列優質產品。


Claustrum is a brand under Tokyo Ginza based Steel Inc. committed towards making products that are both simple and innovative. The physical address of Steel Inc. is located in a post-war glass blowing studio, founded by third generation owner Mr. Takeshi Endo. All products crafted under the brand are made in the studio right in the heart of Ginza. Known for products that blend both creativity and functionality, like their card case that can be accessed with one hand, Claustrum is truly in a class of its own. During the product development phase, Mr. Endo spends a lot of time in his Ginza studio experimenting to find the most efficient manner of production. This is reason why Claustrum’s mechanical process, structural planning, and material selection are largely unique.


In terms of components, Claustrum collaborates with a factory outside Tokyo, made up of experienced metal-craftsmen that have helped Claustrum create custom parts and components that are then assembled and finished by the Claustrum team in Ginza. Before going to market, each product is painstakingly reviewed by Mr. Endo, ensuing they meet the high quality standards set by the brand. Being the official authorized reseller of Claustrum, means that our customers are always assured they are receiving the most authentic and high quality goods.

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