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Leather Watch Strap Handmade in Germany

來自德國的Fluco,採用天然染料頂級皮革,由德國工匠全人手製作,質量超高,顏色與款式多樣,Modern Times引入了「Hunter Racing」油皮系列及「Nato」系列,貫徹德國的精準剛健的風格,配襯機械錶或Apple Watch等效果讓人驚喜。

German brand Fluco utilizes the highest quality natural leathers, which go through the hands of the best craftsman in Germany, the quality is extremely high and comes available in a wide array of colours. Modern Times currently stocks the "Hunter Racing" oil leather series and the "Nato" series, additional sizes and colours continue to be added. Handmade in Germany.

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