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6SHiKi以日本岡山縣倉敷市特產「倉敷帆布」製作,職人以飛梭織布機及雙手織成,密度甚高,再加石蠟加工,提高帆布的抗水性。全新「Earth」系列款式包括Back Pack、Shoulder Bag及Tote,大地色系Ash Grey、Choco、Camel、Olive十分綺麗,再配以高質皮革作細節設計,效果精緻。不論是進行戶外活動如遠足、騎自行車、攝影等,又或在城市中行動,它都定能為你提供很大協助。另外「Basic Series」的Messenger Bag及Shoulder Bag同時上架,同樣以Ash Grey、Choco、Camel、Olive四色配襯Natural色調的Canvas,Two Tone效果極為優美。


6SHiKi of Japan makes products from a specialty "Kurashiki Canvas" that originates from Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture. This unique material is hand woven through a shuttle loom, making its density extremely high; it further goes through paraffinic treatment, which gives the material a waterproof quality. “Earth Series” includes backpacks, shoulder bags, and tote bags, and can be chosen in an assortment of earth-tone colors including ash grey, choco, camel, and olive. Each product is then rounded off with high quality leather details. No matter if you are looking for a bag to use in outdoor activities such as hiking, bicycle riding, photography, or just to move around the city, these bags are built to make your life easier. Alongside is the “Basic Series” messenger and shoulder bags. These items also come in ash grey, choco, camel, and olive. These four colors in combination with the natural colored canvas, creates an extremely nice two-tone effect.

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