Popeye Vol. 896

Popeye Magazine Vol. 896


2021 Dec Issue


“僕らの古着ワンダーランド” (我們的古著天堂)

我喜歡舊衣服 — 努力發掘它們是一件有趣的事情,比如優質美國二手衣服,或者歐洲古著。二手服裝充滿驚喜:它告訴我們時間流逝,以及如何看待世上的事物。從與古著店主的有趣對話中,可以學到很多東西。獨特而自由 — 換句話說,讓我們擁有真正喜歡的。


“Our Used Clothing Wonderland”

I like old clothes. It's fun to be able to dig hard, such as good American affordable second-hand clothes, or European clothes. Second-hand clothing is full of surprises, and tells us about the passage of time and how we see things in the world. There are many things to learn from conversations with the second-hand clothing stores. Unique and freedom — In other words, we have all the things we like.


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Popeye Vol. 896


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