Popeye Vol. 895

Popeye Magazine Vol. 895


2021 Nov Issue



コーヒーと旅の話” (咖啡和旅行故事)



“Coffee And Travel”

Of course, we love coffee, right? But I think it’s actually all about time and places that fascinate us so much: the action of having a nice time with a good coffee where we feel comfortable. Over the past year, there have been so many great cafes and coffee stands newly opened, so let us introduce them first. Coffee connects people and the locations. Wherever we are, an encounter with a cozy coffee shop makes us feel at home, and that is the reason why we appreciate a cup of coffee when we travel somewhere new. The last half is a travel guide. I know we are all fancy travelling now, so why don’t you have a coffee and make a plan of where you’re going to visit next?


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Popeye Vol. 895