Mens Non-No Vol. 425

Mens Non-No Vol. 425


2021 Nov Issue


“Power Fashion

着るだけでテンション上がる” (振奮人心的秋季時尚)

每當穿上新衣服就特別雀躍,一想到那雙看了很久的新鞋就努力工作,發現新鮮有趣的設計就眼前一亮… 這種因為時尚而振奮、萌生積極情緒的經驗,大家應該都不陌生。所以雖然基本款很值得信賴,不過今年秋天就鎖定這些能創造正能量的設計吧。首先介紹2021秋季的最新流行關鍵字,光是把這些元素應用在穿搭上,立刻就看起來不一樣。再推薦活力十足的時尚色彩,用顏色點亮秋季時光。還有渡邊圭祐示範的外套造型、4大流行褲款檔案、鞋子與包包的最新採購建議、溫柔氣氛皮革單品選等,歡迎大家一起來研究。


“Power Fashion”

Inspiring autumn fashion — Whenever I put on new clothes, I feel very excited. I work hard when I think of those new shoes that I’ve seen for a long time. When I find new and interesting designs, my eyes are bright. Everyone should be familiar with it. So although the basic model is very trustworthy, but this fall, lock in these designs that can create positive energy. First of all, we will introduce the latest popular keywords in the fall of 2021. Just applying these elements to the outfit will immediately look different. We recommend vibrant and fashionable colors again, and use colors to brighten up the autumn time. There are also the jacket styles demonstrated by Watanabe Keisuke, the archive of four popular pants types, the latest purchase suggestions for shoes and bags, the selection of gentle leather items... Let’s study all these together!


我們雜誌社分部Modern Times Magazine Dept.嚴格挑選我們喜愛的雜誌跟大家分享,亦會為客人找尋舊期刊,歡迎查詢。


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Mens Non-No Vol. 425

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