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Lightning Archives - Rolex

Lightning Archives


2019 Dec Issue


“ロレックス” (Rolex)

「Lightning Archives」是我們的重點推薦,每一本不定期推出的重量級特刊都是愛藏級別,最新出版的「勞力士 (Rolex) 大特集」訪問了怪物級勞力士收藏家。過去幾年,勞力士與老爺車、房地產及藝術品等資產價值並駕齊驅 — 尤其是復古款,其價值在世界範圍內變得穩固,收藏家遍布世界各地。正如你在新聞中看到那樣,古董勞力士每年幾次以十億日元價格在拍賣中投得的情況並不少見。本書以古董勞力士收藏家為主軸,介紹他們的珍藏。不僅有店內秘藏逸品,還有據說是「世界上最喜歡勞力士的地方」香港頂級收藏家的超級特別愛藏。Paul Newman Dial、Military Submariner及3-6-9 Explorer Dial Submariner等稀有型號滿載的完全保存版,不容錯過。



Asset values ​​such as vintage cars, real estate and art have also been found in Rolex in the last few years. Especially the vintage model, its value has become solid worldwide, and there are collectors all over the world. As you can see in the news that vintage Rolex wins for a billion yen several times a year! It is not uncommon for auction to be sold. This book features such vintage Rolex collectors and introduces their collection. Not only the shops’ hidden gems, but also a lot of super special collections of top collectors in Hong Kong — the place that is said to “like Rolex the most” in the world — are featured. The rare Paul Newman dial, the Military Submariner and the 3-6-9 Explorer dial Submariner are all included in this issue.


我們雜誌社分部Modern Times Magazine Dept.嚴格挑選我們喜愛的雜誌跟大家分享,亦會為客人找尋舊期刊,歡迎查詢。


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Lightning Archives - Rolex

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