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Casa Brutus Mook Extra Issue - Cafe and Roaster

Casa Brutus 特別編集


2020 Jan


“カフェとロースター” (咖啡與烘焙)



本書收錄全日本各地共252間特色咖啡館,或以烘豆見長,或以氛圍令人響往。前半部以咖啡豆為主體出發,集中介紹堀口珈琲、Koffee Mameya及Weekenders Coffee等以自產烘豆知名的咖啡館;後半部擴及週邊,分別以佐咖啡的食物角度、人氣咖啡店集中地、品牌精緻咖啡館為主題企劃專文。


“Cafe & Roaster”

If you drink at least one cup of coffee a day, have you ever wondered where the coffee beans come from, and what kind of roasting and brewing process are used to deliver them to you? Japan’s increasingly vigorous coffee culture has begun to enter the next stage. Coffee beans are no longer only available for deep-roasted coffee with strong burnt and bitterness. There are also options such as shallow roasting that retains the original sharp sourness of coffee beans, and medium-roasting with outstanding nutty flavor; Import the raw beans directly from the origin of the coffee beans, carefully roasted by the roaster, to create your preferred coffee flavor for you.


This book contains a total of 252 specialty cafes from all over Japan, either known for roasting beans, or impressive for their atmosphere. The first half focuses on coffee beans, focusing on the famous cafes such as Horiguchi Coffee, Koffee Mameya and Weekenders Coffee, which are famous for home-grown roasted beans. The second half includes special articles about food for coffee, popular coffee shops and specialty coffee places.


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Delivered by Modern Times Magazine Dept.

Casa Brutus Mook Extra Issue - Cafe and Roaster

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