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Air Max 95 Collection

エアマックス95 ‧コレクション

Air Max 95 Collection 


2019 Mar


Air Max 95在1990年代後期掀起了席捲全日本的高科技運動鞋熱潮。彼時,店內排隊的Premier價格幾乎每週都創新高,還有一場震驚的「エアマックス狩り」Air Max劫案發生。很多媒體都在報導球鞋這個話題,甚至對球鞋不感興趣的人也變成了球鞋收藏家。在海外,米高佐敦 (Michael Jordan) 被神化,催生了一群收集他所穿的Air Jordan球鞋的Sneaker Heads;但在日本,Air Max 95 Yellow Gradation的稀有性和Premier價格才是加速運動鞋文化的催化劑。


在沒有經歷過如此爆炸熱潮的海外Sneaker Heads看來,Air Max 95在日本火紅似乎有些奇怪。限量版運動鞋的問題在海外並不少見,但都是由Air Jordan造成的;日本卻有跪求Yellow Gradation復刻版的開店前長蛇之列。2018年,全世界都期待Virgil Abloh的「THE:10」聯乘,但只有日本鞋迷疑惑:「為甚麼不是Air Max 95?」挑選Air Jordan 1是可以理解的,但期待Air Max 95多於Air Max 97 — 這種感覺也許只有日本鞋迷才明白。受到1990年代後期高科技運動鞋熱潮的洗禮的Sneaker Heads,是全球最喜愛Air Max 95的鞋迷之一。


正因如此,世界上第一本Air Max 95珍藏專書將不可避免地在日本誕生 — 我們拍攝了37位認同這一概念的Sneaker Heads們所擁有的Air Max 95。對了解高科技運動鞋熱潮的一代,大約150款素材變化再次肯定了Air Max 95的優點,並極可能反映在新時代的設計中。懷舊並不是20多年前出現的Air Max 95的唯一吸引力。


The Air Max 95 created a high-tech sneaker boom that involved all over Japan in the late 1990s. At that time, the premier prices lined up in stores were updated to high prices almost every week, and there was also an "Air Max Hunt” that forcibly robbed the sneakers they were wearing. There are many media outlets that take up the topic of sneakers, and even people who were not interested in them have been transformed into sneaker collectors. Overseas, Michael Jordan was deified and created the sneaker heads that collect the Air Jordan he wears, but in Japan the rarity and premier price of the Air Max 95 Yellow Gradation has become a catalyst for accelerating sneaker culture.


From the perspective of overseas sneaker heads that have not experienced such an explosive boom, the popularity of the Air Max 95 in Japan may seem strange. Trouble with limited edition sneakers is not uncommon overseas, but is due to the Air Jordan. Unlike Japan, there is no such thing as a large line in the shop before the store opens, seeking a reprint model of Yellow Gradation. The world welcomed the "THE: 10" lineup proposed by Virgil Abloh in 2018, but only Japanese sneaker heads wondered, "Why isn't the Air Max 95 chosen?" It's understandable that the Air Jordan 1 is chosen, but it's no wonder that the Air Max 95 has a higher priority than the Air Max 97. That feeling can only be shared by Japanese sneaker heads. Baptized by the high-tech sneaker boom of the late 1990s, sneaker heads is one of the most lovers of the Air Max 95 in the world.


Perhaps the world's first collector's book, which features only the Air Max 95, will inevitably be born in Japan. We photographed the Air Max 95 owned by 37 sneaker heads. The approximately 150 variations gathered there are materials that reaffirm the goodness of the Air Max 95 for the generation who knows the high-tech sneaker boom, and may be reflected in a fresh design sample for the younger generation. Nostalgia isn’t the only attraction of the Air Max 95, which was proposed over 20 years ago.


我們雜誌社分部Modern Times Magazine Dept.嚴格挑選我們喜愛的雜誌跟大家分享,亦會為客人找尋舊期刊,歡迎查詢。


Delivered by Modern Times Magazine Dept.

Air Max 95 Collection

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