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Made In USA

1982年由Arnold Ackerman於紐約創立的帽子工房New York Hat Co.​,他由祖父那一代,已經是紐約帽子業中堅份子,Arnold Ackerman年少時就跟從父親進入這行業。直到1980年代,復古熱潮興起,Arnold Ackerman決定自立門戶,生產傳統款式帽子。其中二十世紀初極流行的Big Apple Hat就是當中的代表商品,備有Canvas及Linen質料選擇。


New York Hat Co. is a hat-making studio founded by Arnold Ackerman in 1982. The beginnings of the brand can be traced back to Ackerman’s grandfather, who was a central figure in the hat-making scene of New York at the time. Growing up, Ackerman learned the ropes of the industry through his father, and with the retro boom of the 1980’s, decided to start his very own heritage headwear brand. One of the most iconic designs from the studio is the Big Apple Hat, available in both canvas and linen.

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