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美國百年老牌Filson始創於1897年,由C.C.Filson在美國西雅圖創立,為當時蜂擁而至的淘金者製作適合艱苦環境和氣候的服裝和配件。西雅圖靠近加拿大苦寒之地,造就了Filson耐用、厚重的特性。繼淘金者之後,獵人、漁夫、工程師、探險家、水手和礦工都成為了Filson產品的服務對象,各類帆布牛皮袋子是Filson的標誌性商品,全部在美國西雅圖人手​製造,結實耐用,表現出超越時間的經典美學。由2013年創立以來,Modern Times便已經成為Filson正式授權的香港售賣點。我們與Filson合作,以與美國同步零售價格發售,希望讓更多客人接觸到百年美製品牌Filson的超高質量。


100-year-old outdoor brand Filson founded by C.C. Filson was first established in 1897 in Seattle, U.S.A. The brand got its start providing durable work-wear and equipment for gold miners of the time. Since Seattle is on the border of Canada, a place known for its harsh cold weather, helped make Filson synonymous with durability and heavyweight equipment. After the gold miners, the brand has become associated with professions such as fisherman, construction workers, explorers, sailors, and miners. Their classic leather bags, all handmade in Seattle, U.S.A., have practically become a part of their identity and possess a truly timeless aesthetic. Modern Times has become the official authorized dealer of Filson since 2013. We partnered with Filson and the price of all the Filson goods had been adjusted to the same retail price as in the United States, hoping to get more customers to discover the high quality of this American heritage brand.

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