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11月15日就是Modern Times成立四周年紀念,Modern Times成立四年以來,經常邀請各領域的職人來香港舉辦活動。今年,正值Modern Times成立四周年,我們邀請到神戶手造皮革工房Anchor Bridge創辦人村橋由紘先生 (Mr. Murahashi Yoshihiro) ​首度​親臨香港與客人見面交流,​親身傳授超凡工藝​​,​​​​來參加的客人們可以在日本工匠指導下,親身製作出世界唯一、專屬於自己的​皮革生活配件。


​今次工作坊最特別的是,村橋老師為Modern Times客人精心準備了兩個生活配件作教材 — 皮革行李牌及皮革匙扣頸帶,不論哪一個配件,村橋老師都特別嚴選歐洲皮革給大家製作,延續著Anchor Bridge充滿經典味道的歐洲風格。同時,會場將會有Anchor Bridge新作展出,村橋老師親身分享作為皮革工匠的創作心得。



  11月25日 (星期六) 1-3pm【製作ITEM​:皮革行李牌】

  11月25日 (星期六) 4-6pm【製作ITEM​:皮革匙扣頸帶】

  11月26日 (星期日) 1-3pm【製作ITEM​:皮革匙扣頸帶】

  11月26日 (星期日) 4-6pm【製作ITEM​:皮革行李牌】





【收費】每位HKD$980 (包括所有材料費用) VIP可享九折優惠



  1. 由即日起親身到MODERN TIMES Store報名付款作實。

  2. 於MODERN TIMES Online Store報名​;​

  3. WhatsApp +852 54013806,滙豐銀行轉帳或Payme付款





【MODERN TIMES 營業時間】星期一至五1-8pm,星期六及日1-6pm

【查詢】+852 5401 3806 /



To celebrate our fourth anniversary, Modern Times invited Mr. Murahashi Yoshihiro to present Anchor Bridge’s very first workshop in Hong Kong. Enrolment starts today. Details are as follows:


【Classes】You may choose from one of the below sessions:

  25 Nov (Sat) 1 - 3pm【ITEM​: Luggage Tag】

  25 Nov (Sat) 4 - 6pm【ITEM​: Keyring​ Clochette Necklace + Shoehorn

  26 Nov (Sun) 1 - 3pm【ITEM​: Keyring​ Clochette Necklace + Shoehorn

  26 Nov (Sun) 4 - 6pm【ITEM​: Luggage Tag】


【Seats】8 people per class


  (Conducted in Japanese; Cantonese & English on-site interpreter service will be available)

【Fees】HKD$ 980 per person (Includes all materials) VIP enjoys 10% discount.



  1. Enrol in person at MODERN TIMES Store.

  2. Enrol online.

  3. By ​WhatsApp +852 54013806 and bank transfer payment (HSBC) or Payme.​


Seats are limited and available on a first come first served basis. Fee once paid is not refundable.

Please choose your class upon enrolment. Once confirmed cannot be changed.


MODERN TIMES Opening Hours】Mon - Fri 1 - 8pm, Sat & Sun 1 - 6pm.

【Enquiry】+852 5401 3806 /


First time in Hong Kong, don’t miss it!

完滿結束 | Thank You

關於 About Anchor Bridge ・日本神戶皮革工房 Handmade In Kobe Japan

Anchor Bridge是日本神戶的皮革工房,由村橋由紘 (Murahashi Yoshihiro) 及酒井野枝 (Sakai Noe) 於2012年共同創辦,村橋先生是鞋類工匠,酒井小姐則負責製作其他皮革品如銀包、卡片套等,雖然都是中性設計,但皮革品往往滲入酒井小姐獨特而細緻的巧思,讓Anchor Bridge皮革品於世界舞台上獨樹一幟。從創立開始,Anchor Bridge從歐洲及美國搜尋各歷史悠久的皮革工房所生產的皮革,為製品添加濃厚的歐洲風高級感。活現皮革製品的魅力與特性,以細緻的設計、不斷創新的想法,摸索探求皮革的各種可能。Modern Times是由日本Anchor Bridge正式授權的專營店。


Anchor Bridge is a leather studio from Kobe, Japan, founded by Mr. Murahashi Yoshihiro (Designer and Shoemaker) and Miss Sakai Noe (​Leather Goods Designer). After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, they established their own leather goods brand in 2012. Anchor Bridge sources their leathers from Europe and America, importing exotic and rustic leathers from all over the world, which lends their products a strong European flair. What sets Anchor Bridge apart from its competitors is the way it integrates the original characteristics of leather with its unique take on design. Often blending innovative thinking with new possibilities in leather, the brand replicates the original look of leather and beautifully showcases it on its final products. Being the official authorized reseller of Japanese leather Atelier Anchor Bridge, means that Modern Times' customers are always assured they are receiving the most authentic and high quality leather goods.

Anchor Bridge 設計師・村橋由紘 Murahashi Yoshihiro

Anchor Bridge經常探究『手工』的意義,這是我們製作所有產品的基本概念。一如穩固美觀的橋樑需要深思熟慮的建築與美學考量,我們深信Anchor Bridge讓人自豪的產品同樣來自優秀的構思與設計。」


“At Anchor Bridge, we persistently explore the meaning of ‘making by hand’, which is the basic concept throughout the portfolio of our products that we make with passion and pride. Just like a sturdy bridge requires a well-thought out architectural design, we strongly believe that our products are a proud result of our great designs.”

Special Thanks 特別鳴謝:

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