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Limited Project・Handmade In Japan

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在皮革iPhone Case相機帶取得成功後,Roberu逐漸將產線擴展至更大層面,開拓Ground Series分支系列推出如卡片套、大型手挽袋子及皮鞋等產物,進一步把全人手製作精神融入日常生活配件中。2016年Roberu Limited Project開動,岩元先生為大家帶來限定或唯一作品,將Roberu工藝層次推向高峰。


After years of preparation, Roberu has finally moved on to a larger range of products, establishing the Ground Series collection. The range includes card wallets, large handbags, leather footwear and more, furthering the spirit of handcraft into our daily accessories. Roberu Limited Project started in 2016, Mr. Shinji Iwamoto brings us limited or one-and-only Roberu items from time to time. 

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