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Handmade Leather Goods From Japan

來自東京的Loom,將手造皮革物與香氣產品結合,以「Handmade Authentic Daily Tool」為定位,能應用於「Everyday,Everywhere」,是概念嶄新的品牌。產品包括Fragrance Can Candle、Fragrance Leather Tag/Cow Tag、Fragrance Room Spray等。可應用在起居室、工作間、衣櫥或車子裡,備有9款香味選擇。


Loom is a Tokyo based brand that combines handmade leather pieces with fragrances. Their motto is “Handmade Authentic Daily Tool”, and to be applicable “Everyday, Everywhere”. Loom is truly what you would call an experiment concept. Their products include the Fragrance Can Candle, Fragrance Leather Tag/Cow Tag, and Fragrance Room Spray. Each item can be utilized at home, the workplace, storage or garage, and come in nine aromatic flavours.


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