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Leather iPhone Case・Handmade In Japan

由iPhone 3G開始,Roberu便開始製作iPhone專用保護套至今,利用皮革及彈性布料結合,人手製作帶來極具人味的暖和感覺,卻同時能保存極高保護性,最重要是皮革在每天使用,呼應使用者的生活習慣會產生紋理及顏色的變化,變得極具個性,與坊間常見的硬體保護套截然不同,故推出以來都得到極大支持,很多顧客都是因為這個焦點產品而開始愛上Roberu的。作為初接觸這個品牌的初心者,是上佳的入門商品。


Ever since the release of the iPhone 3G, Roberu has created personalized iPhone cases. Combining supple leather with flexible canvas material, each handmade piece features a one-of-a-kind story, while at the same time retaining the ability to protect the user’s iPhone. Moreover, as the leather gets used in our daily lives, it takes on changes in terms of color and texture, making it highly personalized. This differs greatly from what you would get from other brands, and is perhaps the reason why Roberu products have been so well received since their inception. If you are someone new to the brand, this is the perfect entry product.

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