Waveclips Key Ring Set

Scroll Wave Spring是一種非常特殊的彈簧,載荷比傳統螺旋彈簧高達一倍。由連續波型環組成優美形態。Waveclips利用其結構。您可以從360度任何方向放入卡片或紙幣,拉出時亦不會影響其他卡片。材質為防銹不銹鋼。選用日本工業級不鏽鋼,以日本獨有技術製作波浪型鋼圈,可以當作Money Clip或鎖匙圈使用,在精鋼的結實中,有著柔軟彈性,這就是Waveclips的獨有魅力。日本製造。


"Scroll Wave Spring" is a very special spring that can generate an equivalent load at about half the height of a typical coil spring. Its structure is composed of continuous wave type rings, which is characterized by beautiful shapes curved woven, but Waveclips makes use of its structure as it is. You can clip multiple cards from any direction. When pulling out, it is possible to withdraw with one touch. Made of stainless steel. Made in Japan.

Waveclips Key Ring Set

  • 一組備有三個小鋼圈 (25mm) 及一個中鋼圈 (30mm)

    Set of 3 x S Size Rings (25mm) & 1 x M Size Ring (30mm)

    【日本製 | Made In Japan】

    【現貨發售 | In Stock】

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