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Sea Diver - SUB-MILIUS ( Tropical ) / Heavy Aged

追溯到50年代,可說是最科學的經典手錶之一,專為專業人士打造,抗磁場。標誌性的紅色箭頭閃電秒針、黑色蜂巢錶盤、Darts小時刻度和黃銅錶圈,我們為你將所有這些經典帶回來。原子時代,科學家要求為不斷被強大電磁場包圍的人們提供一款手錶 — 磁性會對手錶機芯的精確度造成嚴重破壞。高強度磁場會彎曲和包裹手錶最關鍵部件,長時間暴露在磁場中會使其永遠混亂。當時,經典防磁手錶採用獨特錶殼結構,將軟鐵內殼插入錶殼中,能夠屏蔽機芯免受磁場影響。這個軟鐵內殼至今仍在使用,保護手錶免受磁場影響。


Going back to the 50’s, arguably one of the most scientific classic watches, made for professionals and resistant to magnetic fields.The iconic lightning bolt seconds hand with red arrow head, black honeycomb dial, dart hour indexes, and a brass bezel, we bring you back all of these classics. At the time of atomic age, scientists asked for a watch for people who constantly surrounded by powerful electromagnetic fields. Magnetism can wreak havoc on a watch movement’s accuracy.High strength magnetic fields can bend and wrap the most crucial parts of a watch and prolonged exposure to magnetic fields will mess it up for good. At the time, the classic magnetic resistant watch with a unique case construction, which the soft iron cage inserted into the case was able to shield the movement from magnetic fields. This cage is still used today to protect watches from magnetic fields.



*WMT SEA DIVER “SUB-MILIUS” is not magnetic resistant


機芯 Movement: (Miyota) 8215 (自動上鏈 Automatic)

錶身物料 Case Material: 316L 不銹鋼 Stainless Steel

錶身直徑 Case Diameter: 38.0mm

錶身長度 Case Length: 46.0mm

錶身厚度 Case Thickness: 13.55mm

錶身修飾 Case Finishing: 拋光 / 拉絲 Polish / Brush finishing

錶背 Case Back: 不銹鋼,旋入式背蓋 Stainless Steel, Screw Down

錶帶物料 Strap Material: 不銹鋼錶帶 Stainless Steel Bracelet

金屬錶帶尺寸 Metal Bracelet Size: 20 mm

玻璃 Glass: 雙圓 / 有機玻璃 Double Domed / Acrylic Crystal

防水性 Water Resistance: 10 ATM

Sea Diver - SUB-MILIUS ( Tropical ) / Heavy Aged

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    各位客人請留意,因手製皮革品每個紋理及顏色均有少許差異,而且每回補貨數量極少,故此恕未能提供退換服務。當你透過Modern Times網上商店購買商品,即代表你同意此安排,謝謝。

    Please be aware that each handmade leather product’s grain pattern and color may vary. Also due to our limited order supply, we are unable to provide refunds or replacements. Please note that by shopping at the Modern Times online store means you are agreeing to this arrangement. Thank you.

    【送遞時間 Delivery】

    Due to limited supply, if the item you ordered is in stock, we will send it out via EMS or registered mail within 3 business days. If the item you ordered is out of stock, we will request a backorder immediately; the process usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

    【不設退款或換貨 No Refund, No Return and No Exchange】
    發貨日期或有更改,由WMT及Modern Times作最終決定。不設退款或換貨。

    Delivery may change according to final decision of WMT and Modern Times. No refund, no return and no exchange.

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