& Premium - The Guide For Better Bread


&Premium 特別編集 Special Issue


2016 Jun


“おいしいパン案内” (美味麵包指南)

本書以《&Premium》2014年3月號特刊「おいしいパン」(美味麵包) 和2015年8月號特刊「幸せなパンの話」(快樂麵包故事) 為重點,新增報導及部分過往連載,重新編輯 / 擴展和修訂。


“The Guide For Better Bread”

This book focuses on the special feature "Delicious Bread" in the March 2014 issue and the special feature "The Story of Happy Bread" in the August 2015 issue of & Premium, with new coverage and some of the content published in the past, re-edited / expanded and revised.


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& Premium - The Guide For Better Bread