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Popeye Vol. 868

Popeye Magazine Vol. 868


2019 Aug Issue


“The Mexico City Guide

メキシコが呼んでいる!” (墨西哥城指南)

Taco和仙人掌!從前,我們對墨西哥的認識大概只有這兩件事。然而,一旦開始在那裡探索,我們非常有限的認知就會被完全否定  — 在積極的意義上。我們在高円寺Kiosco買到的五顏六色墨西哥玩具,在當地從市場到博物館到處有售。被列入聯合國教科文組織世界文化遺產名錄的現代墨西哥美食,已經飛躍改進;酒精飲料 (Mezcal) 和酒吧讓人出乎意料;此外,墨西哥摔角的圖形面具和自由式摔跤已經成了當代文物。工藝品非同凡響、街頭塗鴉超酷、孔版印刷、木刻版畫等藝術動感十足。這個小鎮充滿了自由和輕鬆的氛圍,鼓勵人們做任何令他們著迷的事,讓我們想起柏林和波特蘭等城市。再者,它實際上離東京並沒有想像般遠 — 大約只要12小時 — 這與到紐約幾乎相同。我們希望能早點發現墨西哥 — 讓本期雜誌加深你對這個國家的了解。


“The Mexico City Guide”

Tacos and cactuses! The only two things we had expected from Mexico. However, once we started exploring there, our very limited expectations were completely disproved, but only in a positive sense. The colorful toys that we had bought at Kiosco in Koenji, were literally sold everywhere, from the markets to museums. The modern Mexican food, which is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, has been impressively improved. The local alcoholic drink (Mezcal) and the bars there, are something that we never expected, in addition the graphical masks from Lucha Libre and the free style wrestling, have turned into contemporary artifacts. The craft items are extraordinary, graffiti in the street is super cool, and the movements of printing arts such as Risograph and woodcut printing, are supremely vibrant. The town is filled with the free and light vibes that encourage people to do whatever fascinates them, and it reminds us of cities like Berlin and Portland. Moreover, it’s actually not as far from Tokyo as you might think; it takes about 12 hours, which is almost same as to NYC. We wish we had discovered Mexico sooner, and we hope you will get to know more about the country in this issue.


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Popeye Vol. 868

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