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Pen Vol. 469

Pen Vol. 469


2019 Mar Issue


“用Leica拍攝的原因” (完存保存版)

Leica是一款非常神秘的相機。自 1954 年推出「Leica M3」以來,M型Leica一直沒有自動對焦,大多數鏡頭只能拍攝到70厘米,規格不是特別高。但在各個時代,知道真貨的人總是會選擇Leica。這是為甚麼?在本期特輯中,我們聚焦於作為其標誌的 M-type rangefinder,思考其永恆的魅力,與及攝影師和創作者等忠實用戶的故事。揭開這個秘密的關鍵是Leica出生地韋茨拉爾總公司工廠的採訪,還有CEO安德烈亞斯‧考夫曼 (Andreas Kaufmann) 的專訪。通過以上種種,我們接近了「德國製造」的男性本質。


“The Reason for Shooting With Leica” (Complete Version)

The Leica is a really mysterious camera. Since the introduction of the "Leica M3" in 1954, the M-type Leica has not been autofocused, and most lenses can only shoot up to 70 cm. The specs are not particularly high. But in all ages, anyone who knows the real thing always chooses Leica. Why is that? In this special issue, we focused on the M-type rangefinder, which is its symbol, and thought about its timeless charm, focusing on the stories of loyal users such as photographers and creators. The key to uncovering the secret is an interview with the head office factory in Wetzlar, its birthplace, and an interview with the CEO Andreas Kaufmann, who established his position today. Through all the testimony, we approach the male essence of "Made in Germany".


我們雜誌社分部Modern Times Magazine Dept.嚴格挑選我們喜愛的雜誌跟大家分享,亦會為客人找尋舊期刊,歡迎查詢。


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Pen Vol. 469

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