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Lightning Archives


2019 Oct Issue


“ミリタリージャケット改訂版” (Military Jacket 修訂版)

「Lightning Archives」是我們的重點推薦,每一本不定期推出的重量級特刊都是愛藏級別。「Lightning Archives」系列以復古服飾為題,收集珍稀收藏結集成書,本冊是2016年出版的「Military Jacket」修訂版。


人類有史以來經歷各種戰爭,大大壯大了軍服世界。它的開發一直以增加穿著時功能性為目標,這導致大量服裝誕生、分支和演變。士兵定制自己的軍裝夾克,打造成獨一無二的絕世單品。此外,作為對戰場的紀念,還有一件飾有該地地名和風景的刺繡紀念外套 (Souvenir Jacket),銘刻穿者個性和時代背景的珍貴材料,極具收藏價值。這樣的軍裝夾克在服裝界產生了各種影響,例如M-65美國陸軍野戰外套和MA-1飛行外套也是當今時尚設計的基礎。除此之外,不為人知的歐洲復古軍裝夾克也是世界各地設計師的靈感來源。正因如此,不斷進化的各種產品譜系,那些在歷史留名的、悄然消失的,還有刻劃著穿者歷史的 — 一件件深邃的軍裝外套參與我們仍在努力探索的產品世界,編纂紀錄,成為現在最新一冊的「Military Jacket」修訂版。


“Military Jacket

All about Vintage Military Design”

The "Lightning Archives" series has collected rare and valuable items under the theme of rare vintage wear and put them together in one book. This book is a revised version of the "Military Jacket" released in 2016.


Human beings have experienced various wars since the dawn of history, and have greatly grown the world of military jackets. It has always been developed with the goal of increasing functionality when worn, which has led to the birth, branching and evolution of a huge number of garments. In addition, the soldier himself customized the military jacket and made it into a unique one-of-a-kind item. In addition, as a memorial to the battlefield, there is also a souvenir jacket with the place's name and scenery. They have collectable value as valuable materials that engrave the individuality of the wearer and the background of the times. Such military jackets have had various influences in the world of clothing. For example, the M-65 field jacket and MA-1 bomber jacket are also the basis of fashion design nowadays. Other than that, the unknown European vintage military jacket is also a source of ideas for designers around the world. The genealogy of various products have constantly evolved, the ones that left a name in history, disappeared quietly, or carved the history of the wearer — precious military jackets joined the world of products that we are still exploring, being recorded and edited, were put together again in this revised version.


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Lightning Archives - Military Jacket