Casa Brutus Vol. 257

Casa Brutus Vol. 257


2021 Sept Issue



アートを巡る、この夏” (今年夏天的藝術之旅)

今年夏天,在可以說是日本藝術節發源地的新潟「越後妻有」,出現了許多新藝術,基地設施也得以更新。我和平手友梨奈為大家發掘從流行到最新作品 — 當代藝術界備受矚目的KAWS,在日本舉辦了首次大型展覽;大師橫尾忠則繼續他的創作活動:1985年繪畫業回顧展、大型壁畫和肖像展;建築師田根剛戲劇性地指導了北齋世界;人氣建築師們紛紛參與的「Pavilion Tokyo 2021」也是熱門話題 — 今年夏天,這裡的藝術景點絕對值得體驗!


“Art Trip”

This summer, at Echigo-Tsumari in Niigata, which can be said to be the origin of Japanese art festivals, many new arts have appeared and the base facility has been renewed. I went around with Yurina Hirate from popular works to new works — KAWS, which is attracting attention in the world of contemporary art, holds the first large-scale exhibition in Japan. Tadanori Yokoo, a master, continues his creative activities energetically: a retrospective exhibition looking back on the painting industry in 1985, a large mural painting, and a portrait exhibition. Architect Tsuyoshi Tane dramatically directs Hokusai World. "Pavilion Tokyo 2021" in which popular architects participate is also a hot topic — Here are some art spots to experience in this summer!


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Casa Brutus Vol. 257