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Casa Brutus Vol. 240

Casa Brutus Vol. 240


2020 Mar Issue


“バンクシーとは誰か?” (Banksy是誰?)

一本讓你從事件真相到作品解說,都能很好地理解英國塗鴉大師Banksy的書。2018年10月,Banksy名作《氣球女孩》(Girl with Balloon) 發生在拍賣會上被撕碎的事件。2019年1月,東京都知事小池百合子在Twitter發布了一張疑似Banksy的作品,稱其為「卡哇伊老鼠」。因此,Banksy這個名字在日本廣為人知;此外,還決定2020年在橫濱、東京和大阪三個地點舉辦展覽。在這個特輯中,我們將追逐這位神秘蒙面藝術家。布里斯托、倫敦、巴勒斯坦和東京 — 從那個足跡,我們可以看到現代藝術應有的方式。



A book that gives you a good understanding of Banksy, from the truth of the incident to the explanation of the work. In October 2018, an incident occurred in which Banksy's masterpiece Girl with Balloon was shredded at the moment it was sold at an auction. In January 2019, the governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, tweeted a work that seems to be Banksy as "Cute (Kawaii) Mouse". As a result, the name Banksy became known throughout Japan. Furthermore, it has been decided that exhibitions will be held in three locations in Yokohama, Tokyo, and Osaka in 2020. Therefore, in this special feature, we will pursue the masked artist who is surrounded by the mystery of the present progressive tense. Bristol, London, Palestine and Tokyo — From that footprint, we can see the present era and the way art should be.


我們雜誌社分部Modern Times Magazine Dept.嚴格挑選我們喜愛的雜誌跟大家分享,亦會為客人找尋舊期刊,歡迎查詢。


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Casa Brutus Vol. 240

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