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Dry Line

F/CE.® Dry系列,織物間的縫口以重型機器進行特殊處理加工,變成無接縫的一體,完全防水無縫。

F/CE.® Dry series. This line is seamless and completely water-proof. These products are created with durable seamless joints by applying pressure to two pieces of fabric (parts) stacked in a special machine that sends electromagnetic waves through the fabric. This special welding process causes a chemical reaction at the molecular level, which ensures that the two pieces of fabric never separate or peel.

We use Cordura® 500 denier ripstop fabric as the main material, and this enables us to combine water-resistance and reliable strength. In addition, some models in our Dry line, from bags to small items, are made using special parts such as Ziploc, allow you to use the products in various situations. All the products have been designed with inspiration from high-spec active gear.

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