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Trunk Show 2020

    Anchor Bridge是日本神戶的皮革工房,由村橋由紘 (Murahashi Yoshihiro) 於2012年創辦。從創立開始,Anchor Bridge從歐洲及美國搜尋各歷史悠久的皮革工房所生產的皮革,為製品添加濃厚的歐洲風高級感。活現皮革製品的魅力與特性,以細緻的設計、不斷創新的想法,摸索探求皮革的各種可能。Modern Times是由日本Anchor Bridge正式授權的專營店,各位顧客請放心選購Anchor Bridge全系列優質皮革產品。另外,所有在Anchor Bridge官方網頁的皮革產品,也可以通過Modern Times訂購,詳情請致電+852 5401 3806或電郵

    Anchor Bridge is a leather studio from Kobe, Japan, founded by Mr. Murahashi Yoshihiro (Designer and Shoemaker). After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, they established their own leather goods brand in 2012. Anchor Bridge sources their leathers from Europe and America, importing exotic and rustic leathers from all over the world, which lends their products a strong European flair. What sets Anchor Bridge apart from its competitors is the way it integrates the original characteristics of leather with its unique take on design. Often blending innovative thinking with new possibilities in leather, the brand replicates the original look of leather and beautifully showcases it on its final products. Being the official authorized reseller of Japanese leather Atelier Anchor Bridge, means that our customers are always assured they are receiving the most authentic and high quality leather goods. Additionally, if you see a specific product you like from the Anchor Bridge official website, we can help place a direct-order for you. Please feel free to reach us via telephone +852 5401 3806 or e-mail us at for more information.

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