Modern Times與友好店金社Kanamono有著接近的理念,其中最重要的一個共通點,我們大家都從創立開始,不間斷的嚴格挑選於品牌發源地精製的生活配件。何謂「於品牌發源地生產」?舉個簡單的例子,來自美國西雅圖的百年品牌Filson,自創立至今,每件製品都於西雅圖總部內製作,完美符合「於品牌發源地生產」,這亦是Modern Times挑選品牌的標準。以此作為選物標準的店子其實很罕見,而2011年創立的金社就是與我們享有共同理念的店子,Modern Times㨂選的是隨身物,如袋子、手造皮革物等;金社主要售賣五金精品、燈具及家品裝置 日本製金屬工具箱、德國製拉尺、美國製鎚子等等,每一樣都呈現該國獨有的設計美學。Modern Times與金社合作開設期間限定店,由金社社長及Modern Times Selector共用挑選各樣精品。是次合作是我們雙方的重大嘗試,藉着這企画,分享Modern Times及金社對生活的想像。


Modern Times shares the same vision with our friend “Kanamono” Hardware Store — Selecting the best hardware tools from Japan and all around the world, Kanamono was established in 2011 and is also devoted to find the best items for customers — from Japan made metal toolbox, measuring tape from Germany to US hammers, each showing the country's unique design aesthetics. Modern Times collaborates with Kanamono Hardware Store and presents our first pop up shop in Modern Times Sheung Wan Store. All items are handpicked by both of us. We hope you will enjoy this special collaboration.

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