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【F/CE. 2019SS】


F/CE. 2019 SS 預售活動即將開始,VIP將可優先參與,敬請留意我們公布。

SHOP ONLINE #Repost @fce_tools ・・・ From new england collection we have New line “Robic™️ Nylon Air” to be very light weight and durable. ・ If you want burly, strong, and durable, you've come to the right place. Our 420D ROBIC® was built for the long-haul and is one of the toughest materials we currently offer. Like all materials in our ROBIC® air line, the difference starts with the yarn.

ROBIC® fabrics are up to 50% stronger with 2.5x the tear strength. In other words, it's hard to break and tough to rip. ・

Robic™は軽さと強度のバランスが非常に優れます。Robic™ 420DではCordura 500Dと比較して、80%強の軽さながら、引裂強度では約85%、引張強度では約110%の強度と同等の耐摩耗性を誇ります。 #fce #fcetools #fcebag #england🇬🇧


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