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For Modern Times Special Series・Handmade In Japan

不知道各位客人來我們店時,有否留意到我們盛載店子名片的一個皮革Tray,那其實是Roberu為我們開店時特別製作的小禮物。想不到這個皮革Tray引來不少注目,很多客人也詢問可否出售。跟Roberu岩元先生提起此事,他爽快的說:「可以將它作為Modern Times限定商品生產啊。」於是由岩元先生提案的Roberu for Modern Times的特別系列正式誕生了。


For people who have visited our store, we wonder if you have ever noticed the small leather tray that holds our business cards? This piece is actually a special gift from Roberu when we first opened our store. What we did not expect was the tray to create such a buzz; enough to have people come up to us and ask whether the tray was available for sale. We mentioned this to Mr. Shinji Iwamoto and he said: “we can make this an exclusive special item for Modern Times,” and that is how the special series Roberu for Modern Times was born.

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