Root Co. Shock Resist Case for iPhone X / XS

ROOT CO.是來自日本箱根的團隊,專門研發戶外用電子產品保護裝備。ROOT CO. × iFace Model聯名商品。後面板採用了啞光塗層。

ROOT CO. is a mobile gear brand from Hakone Japan. iFace First Class (Collaboration Model) specially designed with a mat coating.



SHOCK-RESIST (MIL Standard Compliant)

符合美國國防部製訂Military Standard「MIL-STD-810G 516.6程序IV」抗衝擊性測試,通過從高度122厘米處26個方向的產品跌落測試

Pass the US Military Standard Test "MIL-STD-810G 516.6 Procedure IV". Highly protect your smartphone from falling

※ Product falling test from height 122 cm to 26 direction




Functionality・Shock Resistance・Outdoor Design — Slim, stylish and powerful. Suitable for climbing, camping, hiking, BBQ as well as everyday use




Supports wireless charging while using the case




Easy to use with a strap

Root Co. Shock Resist Case for iPhone X / XS

  • 【對應機種 | iPhone Model】iPhone X / XS

    【尺寸 | Size】H157mm / W81mm / D12mm
    【支援無線充電 | Support Wireless Charging】

    【預定發貨時間 | Estimate Shipping】約一至二星期 Approx. 1-2 Weeks


    ■請注意,由於iPhone X和iPhone XS的相機鏡頭位置有極細微差別,iPhone XS相機鏡頭位置將稍微貼近手機殻相機孔的右下方。這個情況不會對鏡頭本身造成干擾,對鏡頭操作沒有影響。


    Please note that due to the difference in the position of the camera lenses of iPhone X and iPhone XS, in case of using iPhone XS, the camera lens position will be closer to the lower right of the camera hole. There is no interference of the case to the lens.


    ■關於iPhone XS安裝使用iPhone XS時,請先從機殼左上角(相機鏡頭側)安裝,將電話鏡頭跟機殼鏡頭孔對位調整好,然後再安裝其他位罝。


    When using with iPhone XS, first install it from the upper left (camera lens side) when installing the case. After adjusting the lens into right positiion, then fit in the other part of the phone.


    ■訂單確認代表客人已知悉iPhone XS的使用情況,請注意訂單確認後不設退款或換貨。


    Customers understand the issue of iPhone XS when order confirmed. No refund, no return and no exchange.

    各位客人請留意,因手製品每個紋理及顏色均有少許差異,而且每回補貨數量極少,故此恕未能提供退換服務。當你透過Modern Times網上商店購買商品,即代表你同意此安排,謝謝。

    Please be aware that each handmade leather product’s grain pattern and color may vary. Also due to our limited order supply, we are unable to provide refunds or replacements. Please note that by shopping at the Modern Times online store means you are agreeing to this arrangement. Thank you.

    【送遞時間 Delivery】

    Due to limited supply, if the item you ordered is in stock, we will send it out via EMS or registered mail within 3 business days. If the item you ordered is out of stock, we will request a backorder immediately; the process usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

    【不設退款或換貨 No Refund, No Return and No Exchange】
    發貨日期或有更改,由Root Co.及Modern Times作最終決定。不設退款或換貨。

    Delivery may change according to final decision of Root Co. and Modern Times. No refund, no return and no exchange.