Roberu New iPhone Case Navy Camo
Roberu岩元慎治先生最新作,義大利Vachetta藍迷彩皮革系列Phone Case,即日起接受預訂。革命性設計,Roberu iPhone Case嶄新型號。完全對應iPhone,不需移除皮革套,亦可輕鬆使用iPhone各種功能-拍照、Facetime對話、使用閃光燈、接駁Earphone及Lightning Cable等等。

Roberu new iPhone Case. Revolutionary “Two-Parts” design. Leather covering the home button has specifically been cut out to make way for the touch sensor, allowing users to directly put their finger on the Touch ID area to unlock the phone. Ability to plug in earphones, adjust the volume, and charging the phone can all be done without removing the leather sleeve casing. Natural dye Vachetta Navy Camouflage leather. Limited edition. Handmade in Japan.

Roberu New iPhone Case Navy Camo

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