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皮革相機帶一直是Roberu的焦點商品,除了皮革以外,Roberu團隊亦以不同物料如Wool、Linen及Canvas等製作相機配件。最新到貨的是以Navy Wool編織而成,配以自然染製皮革扣的原創Camera Strap,專為重量3KG以下的中小型相機設計。由日本工匠將羊毛線緊密細緻的編織成柔韌的相機帶,獨特的紋理讓使用者在使用時握感更穩固。配合皮革工匠嚴選的天然染色皮革,可以方便穿上相機的三角形鐡扣。客人亦可加配Navy Leather Parts (一套兩個,售價$80)。備有長 (Camera Strap) 及短 (Hand Strap) 兩款。

Roberu original styles - Wool Camera Strap and Hand Strap. Navy wool strap and natural dye leather details. Customer may also match with Navy Leather Parts (Set of two. $80). Handmade in Japan.

Roberu Navy Wool Camera Hand Strap

  • 【長度 | Length】約 Approx. 13cm
    【承重能力 | Max. Load】3kg (相機加鏡頭總重量 Camera + Lens)
    【現貨發售 | In Stock】

    各位客人請留意,因手製皮革品每個紋理及顏色均有少許差異,而且每回補貨數量極少,故此恕未能提供退換服務。當你透過Modern Times網上商店購買商品,即代表你同意此安排,謝謝。

    Please be aware that each handmade leather product’s grain pattern and color may vary. Also due to our limited order supply, we are unable to provide refunds or replacements. Please note that by shopping at the Modern Times online store means you are agreeing to this arrangement. Thank you.

    【送遞時間 Delivery】

    Due to limited supply, if the item you ordered is in stock, we will send it out via EMS or registered mail within 3 business days. If the item you ordered is out of stock, we will request a backorder immediately; the process usually takes around 4-6 weeks.

    【不設退款或換貨 No Refund, No Return and No Exchange】
    發貨日期或有更改,由Roberu及Modern Times作最終決定。不設退款或換貨。

    Delivery may change according to final decision of Roberu and Modern Times. No refund, no return and no exchange.