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Popeye Vol. 879

Popeye Magazine Vol. 879


2020 Jul Issue


“僕らの博物館” (我們的博物館)

你在Netflix上看過《Uncut Gems》(2019) 嗎?這是一部基於一塊黑色蛋白石的戲劇,背景是紐約;這部電影讓我意識到,礦物質有一種神奇的力量,可以讓人類發瘋,阿當‧桑迪拿飾演的珠寶商就是一個很好的例子。關於自然物體的故事則更基本也更謙遜:我對貝殼上的幾何圖案感到驚訝、曾經對地上的種子和河流沿岸的石春感到非常好奇,我甚至想到了肯德基剩下的骨頭。世界充滿謎團:如果深入地下,可能會發現一些恐龍骨骼或古代遺跡;如果抬頭仰望天空,就會有火星探測器在宇宙遙遠的某個地方運行。我意識到博物館的財富,裡面甚麼都有。雖然不得不承認,有些博物館(恐龍展覽)在我還是個孩子的時候感到很無聊,現在卻終於意識到它們是寶藏,可以從中學到很多東西。本期是我們的一個特別展覽,滿載我們真正喜歡的對象和主題。毋需門票,只需翻頁!


“Go Museum”

Did you watch Uncut Gems (2019) on Netflix? It’s a drama based on a piece of black opal and is set in NYC; the film made me realize that minerals have this magical power which can drive humans to madness, and the jeweler, played by Adam Sandler, is such a great example of that. On the other hand, my stories about the objects of nature are rather more basic and a lot humbler: I was amazed by the geometric pattern on sea shells, I used to be so curious about the seeds on the ground and pebbles along the rivers and I even thought about the left-over bones from a KFC. The world is full of mysteries. If we dig into the ground, we may find some dinosaur bones or ancient ruins. If we look up at the sky, there will be the Mars probes running somewhere far away in the universe. What I’ve realized is the wealth of museums. There is everything in there. Although I have to admit that some museums (exhibitions of dinosaurs) were pretty boring when I was a kid, I now realize they are actually filled with treasures, and there are so many things that we could learn from them. This edition is a special exhibition from us, filled with objects and topics that we truly love. No ticket needed, just turn the pages!


我們雜誌社分部Modern Times Magazine Dept.嚴格挑選我們喜愛的雜誌跟大家分享,亦會為客人找尋舊期刊,歡迎查詢。


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Popeye Vol. 879

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