Lightning Special Book Vol. 201

別冊 Lightning Archives Special Vol. 201


2019 Mar Issue


“ディア‧マイ‧ウォッチ” (Dear My Watch)

「Dear My ...」系列,按主題介紹各領域頂尖領導者的喜愛單品,迄今已發行三卷。繼之前發表的「Leather Jacket」、「Boots」和「Motorcycle」之後,第四部專集以時計為重點。手錶是一面鏡子,可以反映人:在甚麼場合穿戴?喜歡配襯甚麼衣服?它反映了一個人的生活和品味。87位在選物上有著敏銳審美眼光的人,怎樣選擇自己的心儀手錶?他們一一談到對心愛手錶的想法,比如選擇基準和入手一刻。


“Dear My Watch”

The "Dear My ..." series, which introduces the favorite items that top leaders in various fields, has released three volumes so far. The fourth issue, following the previously published "Leather Jacket," "Boots," and "Motorcycle," focuses on watches. A watch is a mirror that reflects people. How to choose watches for occasions? How to match them with your outfit? It reflects the person's life and tastes. 87 people, who have a keen eye for aesthetics in choosing things, talked about their thoughts on watches that they loves, the criteria for choosing a watch and the moment when they got them.


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Lightning Special Book Vol. 201