F/CE. Robic Air Daypack - Navy

F/CE. 新作Robic Air Daypack。選用輕身防水Robic Air物料製作,具極強防水性。間隔豐富,可因應不同場合靈活應用,前幅有大量可放置小物間隔,主間隔容量高達27L,亦有可放置手提電腦軟墊間隔。兩側有索帶,可調節容量。肩帶與下腰部有針對人體受力而設計的軟墊,長時間使用亦能保持舒適。


This collection within the F/CE. line focuses on light weight. The Robic™️ material provides a very good balance of light weight and strength. Robic™️ 420D boasts a abrasion resistance equivalent to that of Cordura 500D, but is more than 80% lighter and has similar tear resistance–about 85% of its tear strength and about 110% of its tensile strength.


In addition, the 420D Robic thread is custom made as a hollow fiber, creating the lightweight and durable material, "Robic Air". The matt shiny look of the material creates a retro feel. This collection is unisex thanks to its functional but compact finish.

F/CE. Robic Air Daypack - Navy

  • 【尺寸 | Size】H45cm / W35cm / D17cm

    【最大容量 | Max. Capacity】27L

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