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Brutus - Vol. 880

Brutus Vol. 880


2018 Nov Issue


“洋菓子好き” (洋菓子特集)

蛋糕卷、Mont Blanc法式栗子蛋糕、Madeleine貝殼蛋糕、Savarin薩瓦蘭蛋糕、蘋果批… 洋菓子 (西式糕點),日本甜點的鼻祖。它在明治時代從西方引進,隨著文明不斷發展。目前處於聚光燈下的年輕糕點師和最受歡迎的廚師也對洋菓子非常著迷。在本期裡,我們深入探索美味洋菓子的魅力 — 包括店面和包裝紙。


“I Like Western Confectionery”

Roll cake, Mont Blanc, Madeleine, Savarin, apple pie... Western confectionery, the originator of sweets in Japan. It was introduced from the West in the Meiji era when the country just founded, and has evolved. Young pastry chefs and popular cooks who are currently in the spotlight are also crazy about Western confectionery. In this issue, we will explore not only the deliciousness but also the deep charm of Western confectionery, including the stores and wrapping papers.


我們雜誌社分部Modern Times Magazine Dept. 嚴格挑選我們喜愛的雜誌跟大家分享,亦會為客人找尋舊期刊,歡迎查詢。


Delivered by Modern Times Magazine Dept.

Brutus - Vol. 880

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