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Authentic Line

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F/CE.® Authentic系列,選用Cordura® 中最高級別的Ballistic Nylon,密度高達1260Denier,備有耐磨耐熱防水的特點。而這個系列會以白色的Cordura® 商標旗子作識別。皮革部份選用了擁有日本最高技術的有名皮革會社栃木レザー的Nume Leather。


This is ballistic nylon made using 1260 denier hollow fiber. The fabric is densely woven and given a glossy appearance by using long fibers (filaments) in the weft. In collaboration with Invista, we have developed an original type of ballistic nylon that is lightweight and has a clean appearance and at the same time preserves the standards of ballistic nylon, which possess the highest specifications within the Cordura® brand.

Another characteristic of our Authentic line is that we have assembled the highest grade parts in the F/CE.® line-up, and even the high-density nylon twill and webbing in the cloth backing are made using strong materials woven in the same composition as seat belts. Products come with an original, exclusive Cordura® ballistic nylon brand tag.

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